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Technology is an endless river of change and innovation. For businesses today, adapting to that change is often their top priority. Even the most useful technologies will ultimately become obsolete, while constant updates and upgrades are needed to keep them functioning in line with the fast-paced market.

Influential’s experience as a BusinessObjects Migration Service can ensure that your enterprise stays agile in the cloud. Whether your business wants to upgrade from the previous version or your system has reached end-of-life status, Influential is ready to assist with BusinessObjects cloud migration.

SAP Gold Partner Official Logo - Influential Software BusinessObjects Consultancy TeamAs a certified SAP Gold Partner, we have the proven experience and expertise to seamlessly migrate your business to BusinessObjects.

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Influential’s migration services comprise three phases:

  • Planning – the Influential team provides a briefing session to identify resources, understand your business objectives, set expectations and scope, and collect relevant documentation
  • Analysis – after assessing the existing environment, the team makes recommendations, identifies options, and defines a strategy to reach the business objective
  • Implementation – the team develops roadmaps in alignment with the business objectives and lays down the configuration and deployment procedures for each product line.

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Tackling Business Functionality

Influential considers two elements in every migration: the data itself and the relationships between those sets of data. While existing data can be “lifted” into the cloud, it is important to prepare an appropriate architecture for the data and determine what will be migrated to the cloud and what will remain in its current location.

In some cases, businesses may want to take their legacy architecture and recreate it in the cloud. But if the business desires, Influential can use its vast experience to extend this process deeper. The team can create a semantic layer from the existing data’s logical framework, which is then made available to users. Users can then interact with the data in business terms, in a reliable and consistent manner.

A further advantage of this approach is users’ ease of use. Reports may have been prepared for specific purposes, and users should be able to access data in their accustomed ways from central sources. By matching each department’s objectives against the data, changes in performance can then be modelled to create better outcomes. That’s why thousands of major businesses across the sectors have chosen Influential as their BusinessObjects migration service.

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