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Every client’s need is unique, and we cater to this with our bespoke BusinessObjects consultancy service. By working with us, you will benefit from a stress-free, productive process you can count on to grow your business.

Our unique approach to BusinessObjects project consultancy reduces time, costs, and unexpected challenges.

To improve the quality of your business, we focus on three key elements that business intelligence must demand:


Data is only reliable if you know its accuracy.


Data is only useful if you can access it easily.


Data is only informative if it covers the whole issue.

Latest update: SAP BusinessObjects BI 2025

SAP is committed to existing SAP BOBJ BI suite customers by adding enterprise reporting capabilities continuously, with the most recent SP03 update in 2022. This means most BI use cases will easily transition to SAP Analytics Cloud when mainstream maintenance support for BOBJ 4.3 ends in 2025.

To allow more time to adopt SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP is releasing a new version of BOBJ, named SAP BusinessObjects BI 2025. This new version will receive mainstream maintenance support until at least end of 2029. It will be available on-prem and through managed cloud, and will focus on the most widely adopted SAP solutions. Read the SAP BI Statement of Direction (April 2023) to find out more.

What to expect from our consultancy service

Defining your strategy

Our strategy consultancy service integrate the pillars of strategy management: goals, initiatives, and key performance indicators. Defining this trio of factors gives your business the power to hone your decision making and hit your targets.

Creating your Business Intelligence roadmap

Once your strategy is clearly defined, the path to reach it can then be plotted. We use a step-by-step process which will guide your business to the best result.

  • Business goals – Align your business intelligence goal with the business’ overall goal
  • Current State – Use a clear representation to show the current architecture or process that the business is using to access data for reports and analysis
  • Challenges – List the challenges that the business faces when accessing data
  • Objective – Define your objectives by relating them to your plan to overcome your business challenges, as well as pinpointing your criteria for success and how you will track progress
  • Future State – Referring to levels of analytics, create a representation of the future end-state architecture alongside the future end-state business process
  • Plan – Develop a plan, composed of a timeline, schedule, and milestones, that shows the approach you will take in developing the business intelligence infrastructure
  • Risks – State the potential risks of the process including your mitigation and contingency plans to counteract these

Performing your personal review and audit

Our audit service will provide you with the information necessary to ensure efficiency across all systems and avoid potentially damaging outages. By advising clients on new features and products, and how they could fit into their deployment plans, we offer practical recommendations for a robust business intelligence platform.

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