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Influential’s BusinessObjects services span a wide range of technologies and businesses, which presents us with an ideal opportunity to amalgamate best practice across the board, ensuring that all of our offerings meet and exceed industry standards. Benefit from a consultation with our tried and tested our BusinessObjects Support team.

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In the SAP BusinessObjects space, we are able to offer a number of additional services that can add value to your existing BusinessObjects investment, as well as providing input to current implementation projects.

  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • Database Expertise with Integration across Different Platforms
  • SAP BusinessObjects Audits, Individually and Comprehensively
  • SAP BusinessObjects Implementation and Design
  • SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Services

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Our SAP BusinessObjects team is here to assist you. Get in touch today. Multi-disciplinary teams of experts are on hand to fulfil your requirements. Skilled data designers will help to deliver the insight your business needs. Tailored support and training packages to suit your needs, regardless of their size or complexity.

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